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Social Cooperative Partnership “Eptastiktos”

Lady bug
Coccinella septempunctata

We are producers from Lasithi, the easternmost area of Crete, with a love of its natural environment and with respect for our history and civilization.  We own and cultivate 2,500 olive trees, some of which have lived for over 1000 years.  Our goal is to make known to visitors the authentic Cretan life, the healthy Cretan diet and the products of our land.  For us, our visitors are our guests. It is not a coincidence that the name of Zeus (the father of the Gods who, according to Greek mythology, was born on the mountains of Eastern Crete) was also Xenios* Zeus.

*a word meaning hospitality (philo-xenia: friend of a stranger)

Our sign, eptastiktos, is an ancient Greek word meaning «seven spots». That is the name of the nice ladybird who, after being born high on the mountains, glides to the lowlands, accompanying us in our daily tasks and protecting our crops from harmful insects.

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