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Our Olive Oil

In the southernmost part of Europe, with its unique climate and the most sunshine, the fruit of the olive tree ripens slowly where nature is untouched by time. It is no coincidence that the oldest tree in the world, with a life span of over 3,000 years, lives and grows in our land.

Olives are not mechanically harvested. The harvest starts every year in November, to ensure that the early, unripe fruit will give its juice, which is rich in polyphenols (with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties) and with very low acidity. They are ground immediately at a low temperature (27oC) and the olive oil remains in stainless steel containers, in order to preserve the essential qualities and the unique organoleptic characteristics. In this way, pure olive juice arrives at your table.

olive oil

We own and cultivate 2,500 olive trees, several of which have lived for more than a 1000 years. Our producers, at every stage of the crop, follow environmentally friendly methods, respecting Cretan nature, which is our generous host. As a guaranteed bonus for consumers, as of November 2015, we joined the system of organic certification for our olive crops.

As of the new harvesting season (Nov/Dec) olive oil with basil will be available. Our basilic olive oil comes exclusively by milling the fresh basilic leaves with the olives. We organically cultivate the basilic plants. The leaves are harvested, washed and ground with the olives. This method means that the olive oil retains the beneficial ingredients and the taste of fresh basilic leaves. Most basilic olive oils in the market simply have the essence of basil added later to the olive oil.

Our products are available in limited quantities to our friends – consumers. You can order the quantity you want for the new harvesting season of November-December 2016 by calling (0030) 698 191 6832 or sending an e-mail to Your order will be dispatched after getting in contact with us. See our website:

*eptastiktos: An ancient Greek word meaning “the seven spotted”, making reference to the common in

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Αρχαίο ελαιόδεντρο
Αρχαίο ελαιόδεντρο

They come from the depths of time

Minoans have rested in the shade of some of them. They have felt in their trunk many invaders, their roots have been soaked in sweat, tears and blood , they have nourished our ancestors, they have lived through and accompanied many generations, even many of us.

They stand as an irrefutable evidence and living witnesses of our history. They have much to tell to us. We often walk beside. Let us hear them speak.  Let’s make them a gift for our children and grandchildren, let’s give them a chance to love and be loved. Continue reading ANCIENT OLIVE TREES