Wild Herbs

Crete is one of the richest places for aromatic and medicinal herbs. There are about 1828 different plants on the island (1600 in Britain) and 182 of them are endemic, which means they only exist in Crete! In addition to these only about 200 plants have been imported by humans (1800 in Britain).

Many of these herbs are in danger of extinction due to human activities and livestock. That is why severe restrictions in harvesting these rare wild plants have been put in place. Our social cooperative has obtained a special licence from the local forest agency and, under its supervision, harvests limited quantities of wild herbs every spring. These are rich in essential oils and very aromatic – WILD oregano, marjoram, thyme, sage and wild schinus fruit (a local aromatic red pepper) are available. You can use them to flavour your tea, sauces, pizza, spagetti, vegetables, your dressings, salads and marinating meat or fish.

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