The emblem of the social cooperative “EPTASTIKTOS” (an ancient word meaning 7 lobes – dots) is the lovable ladybug (Coccinella septempunctata), the farmer’s best friend, which, after reproducing on the highest peaks of our land, travels to the plains and accompanies us in our daily tasks, while simultaneously protecting our production.

Events & Volunteering

We participate in or organise events and volunteer programs.

Collectible packaging

Limited and numbered production in 100 & 500 ml from specific trees

Code of Ethics

Our products are a lifelong endeavour with respect for the natural environment.

Eternal Trees

Centuries-Old Olive Trees: The ancient witnesses of Cretan history. From the Minoans to modern times, these trees have experienced much. They still stand tall, speaking of our past heritage. It’s time to protect and showcase them.